Weimar Guitar Quartet (D)
The Weimar Guitar Quartet was formed in the spring of 2015, composing of four
musicians from the class of Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering at the University of Music
Franz Liszt Weimar
. In addition to this commonality in education, the group share a
combination of complimenting qualities which form a harmonious musical ensemble.
Both the origin and career characterise each guitarist:

Stephanie Jones completed her undergraduate studies at the Australian National
 and has already released two solo albums. She has won multiple prizes,
including 2nd place at the Adelaide International Guitar Competition 2012, the title
“Virtuoso of the Year” through the Fine Music Network National Competition 2014,
and 1st place in the Hannabach Guitar Competition last year. In 2015, Stephanie
was also awarded a scholarship to study abroad through the Australian Music

The Slovenian guitarist Karmen Štendler began her university studies at the
Academy of Music Ljubljana. Following this she continued her studies in Germany
(Stuttgart, Weimar) and in Spain (Zaragoza). She’s a multiple prizewinners of
national and international competitions and in addition to her solo concert career
spanning several European countries, Karmen plays in various chamber music
ensembles. Her solo CD was released in January 2016.

Hanna Link first studied by Prof. Thomas Königs in Nürenberg, and then
completed her formal education in Weimar. For two years she taught at the
University of Music in Nürenberg as a lecturer for the subjects chamber music and
the minor subject classical guitar. She also received valuable additional inspiration
amongst others from Ricardo Gallén, Carlo Marchione and Alvaro Pierri.

Already since his early years, Jakob Schmidt from Friedberg, Bavaria, had
outstanding success in many competitions. Jakob has been studying in Weimar
since 2011 and complemented his training with master classes from guitarists
such as Olaf Van Gonnissen, Paolo Pegoraro, Sergio Assad and Tilman
Hoppstock. Particularly with the Kaiser Schmidt Guitar Duo, Jakob has undergone
concert tours that have took him across Europe and even as far as Brazil.

In order to form a unity of four solo artists both technically and musically, the
quartet worked with guitarists such as Ricardo Gallén and Hans-Werner Huppertz
and, of course, Thomas Müller-Pering. Their guidance, along with each members
enthusiastic and engaged attitude, allowed the quartet to develop a unique and
personal sound. This special combination of four unique characters fascinated
listeners at concerts in Aachen, Nürenberg, Augsburg, Bamberg and Weimar.

You can be convinced of the high quality of the Weimar Guitar Quartet by following
this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szZjdpBU87U
Contact: info@weimarguitarquartet.com +4915774616324