Anders Miolin (SWE/CH)
Anders Miolin
Anders Miolin
Anders Miolin was born in Stockholm. He studied at the Academies in Copenhagen and Malmö with Prof. Per-Olof Johnson as well as in Basel with Oscar Ghiglia. These twelve years of studies resulted in four diplomas, among them two soloist diplomas and first prizes at international guitar competitions in Finland, Italy and Martinique.

Anders Miolin’s unique recordings with the highly renowned label BIS and other companies have received outstanding acclaim in the international music press.

Anders Miolin tours, records and teaches worldwide. Since 1997 he has been professor at Zürich University of the Arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste,  ) where he teaches students from all over the world.

Anders Miolin ( ) is the world’s leading exponent of the “Chiavi-Miolin” 13-string guitar, which he jointly developed. Carrying forward and developing tradition, Anders Miolin is a cosmopolitan in styles – his programs span from baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist as well as contemporary music to jazz. Also as an arranger and composer he combines classical, jazz and ethnic elements.

Illustrated lecture: “The Art of the Classical Guitar; Healthy Guitar-Playing”

In this lecture, Anders Miolin will introduce his new book “The Art of the Classical Guitar”, concentrating especially on the ergonomic aspects of guitar-playing. Prof. Miolin has a deep interest in how awareness of body and mind underpins excellent technique, and in the neurological, psychological and motivational aspects of learning and practising.

He has now summarized this as an illustrated lecture, covering:

Why is body - and mind-awareness important?
The wrong kind of effort: How do we achieve ergonomic music-making?
Posture, balance and relaxation, including support systems
Muscles: arm and hand positions
The three pillars of technique
Sound-production and dynamics
Motivation and awareness in practising