URBAAN REITER The winner of the International Youth Competition "Forum Gitarre Wien 2018"
Urbaan Reiter
Urbaan Reiter

Urbaan Reiter was born on the 30th of June 2003. He started playing the guitar at the age of seven at the Music school Ravne na Koroškem. His teachers at that time were Andrej Ofak and Marko Strmčnik. At the end of elementary music school he had occasionally music lessons with prof. Xhevdet Sahatxhija.
In 2013 at the summer school in Brač, Urbaan’s talent was recognized by prof. Anders Miolin. He earned the scholarship for the summer school by winning at the international guitar competition in Omiš.
At SVIREL 2014 Urbaan earned the scholarship for the summer school in Poreč where he met prof. Xhevdet Sahatxhija. He will always have great memories of when he performed before the concert of Pepe Romero in Zagreb in 2017.
After finishing six years of elementary music school in September 2016, he continued his music education at the Music school Fran Korun Koželjski in Velenje. His professor was Xhevdet Sahatxhija for one year.
Up untill now Urbaan has participated at 28 guitar festivals and competitions and has won 23 first prizes, two second prizes and three third prizes.
His most most important achievements are:

Michele Pittaluga junior in Alessandria (Italy), 1st prize,1st place,
XIII European Classical Guitar Competition “Enrico Mercatali”, Gorizia [Italy]: II. category, 1st prize, 1st place
(100 points),
13. Ana Amalia guitar competition for young guitarists in Weimar, Germany, 1st prize in the 1st category,
Forum Gitarre Wien 2018/21. internationalen Jugendwettbewerb: 1st prize

In July 2017 Urbaan has completed the entrance exam and was accepted to the University for music and performing arts Graz, Austria in the class of prof. Paolo Pegoraro, in the course for highly gifted students. Now he studies guitar in Graz with prof. Paolo Pegoraro. 
He has participated in many masterclasses with well known guitarists:
Marco Tamayo, Giampaolo Bandini, Gabriel Bianco, Lukasz Kuropaczewski, Dale Kavanagh, Raphaella Smits, Costas Cotsiolis, Roberto Aussel, Pepe Romero, Carlo Marchione, Judicaël Perroy, Thomas Kirchhoff, Lorenzo Micheli, Timo Korhonen.
Master classes:
  • Vojislav Ivanović (Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, 2013)
  • Vojko Vešligaj (Krško, Slovenia, 2013)
  • Xhevdet Sahatxhija (Zagreb, Croatia, 2014)
  • Marco Tamayo (Klagenfurt, Avstria, 2015 in Gorica, Italy, 2016)
  • Petrit Ceku (Peja, Kosovo, 2016)
  • Giampaolo Bandini (Kosovo 2016, Wien 2018)
  • Gabriel Bianco (Kosovo, 2016)
  • Lukasz Kuropaczewski (Zagreb, Croatia, 2016)
  • Dale Kavanagh (Belgrade, Serbia, 2016)
  • Rovshan Mamedkuliev (Belgrade, Serbia, 2016)
  • Rafaela Smits (Belgrade, Serbia, 2016)
  • Paolo Pegoraro (Postojna, Slovenia, 2015,2016, 2017 and Zagreb, Croatia, 2016, 2017)
  • Anders Miolin (Postojna, Slovenia, 2016)
  • Costas Cotsiolis (Belgrade, Serbia, 2017)
  • Thomas Offermann (Belgrade, Serbia, 2017
  • Roberto Aussel (Belgrade, Serbia, 2017)
  • Pepe Romero (Zagreb, Croatia, 2017)
  • Carlo Marchione (Zagreb, Croatia 2017, Vienna 2018 )
  • Judicaël Perroy (Postojna, Slovenia, 2017)
  • Anders Miolin (Postojna, 2016)
  • Christian Zielinski (Postojna, Slovenia, 2017)
  • Nejc Kuhar (Postojna, Slovenia 2017)
  • Thomas Kirchhoff (Vienna 2018)
Summer schools:
  • Summer school, prof. Anders Miolon / Zürich; Brač - Croatia, 2013, 2014;
  • Summer school, prof. Xhevdet Sahatxhija / Croatia; Poreč - Croatia, 2014;
  • Summer school, prof. Janez Gregorič / Austria; Klagenfurt - Austria, 2014
  • Summer school, Guitar week Postojna, Slovenia, 2015 (prof. Paolo Pegoraro)
  • Summer school, prof. Xhevdet Sahatxhija / Croatia: Poreč - Croatia, 2015;
  • Summer school, Guitar week Postojna, Slovenia, 2016 (prof. Paolo Pegoraro and prof. Anders Miolin)
  • Summer school prof. Xhevdet Sahatxhija / Hrvaška; Poreč - Croatia 2016;
  • Summer school, Guitar week Postojna, Slovenia, 2017 (prof. Paolo Pegoraro, prof. Judicaël Perroy, prof. Christian Zielinski, prof. Nejc Kuhar)
  • Summer school, Guitar week Postojna, Slovenia, 2018 (prof. István Römer, prof. Anders Miolin, Oman Kaminsky, Margarita Escarpa)
Competitions 2013 - solo:
  • Days of Guitar Krško 2013: 1st prize, 1st place
  • Omiš guitar festival 2013: 1st  prize, 1st place,
  • special prize: International Summer music school, Anders Miolon / Zürich
Competitions 2014 - solo:
  • International music competition SVIREL: Gold medal 99/100 points,
  • special prize, Summer music school, prof. Xhevdet Sahatxhija / Croatia;
  • Days of Guitar Krško 2014: 1st prize, 1st place, gold medal
  • Omiš guitar festival 2014: 1st prize, 2nd place
  • Concorso Europeo di Chitarra Classica “Enrico Mercatali”: 1st prize, 3rd place
Competitions 2014 - chamber music:
  • International music competition SVIREL: Gold medal
  • Days of Guitar Krško 2014 Guitar trio: 1st prize, 1st place
Competitions 2015 - solo:
  • TEMSIG 44. National competition for young musicians of Republic Slovenia, March, 2015: 1st prize, 1st place, 100 points
  • Guitar art world festival Belgrade, March, 2015: first prize, 3rd place
  • International music competition SVIREL 2015: 1st prize, gold medal, 100 points, special prize, Application fee / Competition »Pittaluga Junior Alessandria«
  • Porečki tirando Con pizzicato 2015: 1st prize, 1st place, 100 points
  • Days of Guitar Krško 2015: 1st prize, 1st place, 100 points
  • Omiš guitar festival 2015: 1st prize, 1st place
  • Michele Pittaluga junior internacionale di chitarra classica 48 Alessandria: 1st Primo premio assoluto
Competitions 2016 - solo:
  • Zagreb guitar festival 2016: 1st prize, 1st placehttp://zagrebguitarfest.com/majstorske-radionice/;
  • GUITAR ART FESTIVAL – XVII International guitar festival Belgrade: 1st prize, 1stplace, http://www.gaf.rs/sr/festivali/guitar-art-festival/2016/rezultati-takmicenja;
  • International music competition SVIREL 2016: Gold medal, 100 points, http://upol.si/svirel/results;
  • XIII European Classical Guitar Competition “Enrico Mercatali”, Gorizia [Italy] : II. category, 1st prize, 1st place (100 points), 1st Primo premio assoluto;
  • 9th International Competition for Yong Guitarist “Andres Segovia” in Monheim am Rhein: 3rd place;
  • 2nd Peja International Classical Guitar Competition “EHAT MUSA”: 1st prize,1st place, category II
Competitions 2017 - solo:
  • Porečki tirando Con pizzicato 2017, III. kategorija: 1st prize, 3rd place
  • GUITAR ART FESTIVAL – XVII International guitar festival Belgrade: kategorija 1st prize, 1st place http://www.gaf.rs/sr/vesti/129/rezutati-takmicenja;
  • Zagreb guitar festival 2017: kategorija: 1st prize, 2nd place
  • Ana Amalia Wettbewerb für junge Gitarristen: 1. Preis (Altersgruppe I);
  • Ana Amalia Wettbewerb für junge Gitarristen: Sonderpreis für die beste Interpretation eines Werks der Klassik;
Competitions 2018 - solo:
  • Forum Gitarre Wien 2018 / 21. internationalen Jugendwettbewerb: 1. Preis