Katja Porovne Silič
Katja Porovne Silič


Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856)                                                        SCHERZO
                                                                                                        AN DIE ENTFERNTE
R. R. Baldani                                                                          …POTEM UTIHNEJO ZVONOVI
                                                                                                              LA NOSTALGIA
                                                                                             MORJE IN IGRA SONČNIH ŽARKOV
Antonio Lauro (1917-1986)                                                           SUITE VENEZOLANA
                                                                                                            Danza Negra
                                                                                                            EL MARABINO
Joaquin Turina (1882-1949)                                                             SONATA OP. 61
                                                                                                             Allegro Vivo
Two French chansons                                                                        GOTTINGEN
(arr. Roland Dyens)                                                             IL PLEUT DANS MA CHAMBRE

Katja Porovne Silič (Slovenia) studied guitar at the Ljubljana Academy of Music with prof. Andrej Grafenauer, graduating in June 1994. She continued her studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna in the class of prof. Brigitte Zaczek where she graduated with honours in June 2000. Katja received the so-called »Würdigungspreis« from the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture as the best graduate of guitar. She gives concerts at home and abroad, among others in various concert cycles and guitar festivals, both as a soloist or a chamber musician. In the years 1992, 1993 and 1994 she took the highest places at the competitions for young Slovenian musicians.
She has successfully attended international guitar competitions and in 1999 received the following prizes: third prize in Rust, Austria (»Nikita Koshkin«), the fourth place in Mottola, Italy (»Citta di Mottola«), honourable mention in Granada, Spain (»Paco Santiago Marín«), the first place and the second prize in Vienna, Austria (»Forum Gitarre 99«).

In the guitar duo with Andrej Grafenauer she has published two CDs: first in 2000 with works by Fernando Sor and Johann Kaspar Mertz; second in October 2001 with works by Strajnar, Stanič, Šavli, Pierre-Petit and Castelnuovo-Tedesco. In September 2009 the duo appeared on the album by composer Aleš Strajnar, recording his Sonata for Two Guitars No. 1.

Katja Porovne Silič teaches guitar and chamber music at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.